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We’re glad you are thinking about attending a service at our church. We want to you to feel welcome and comfortable, should you decide to come. Here are some things you might be curious about. 

Each service opens with a time of prayer, and worship begins around the half hour. We believe in the Pentecostal experience and try to emphasize following God’s lead, so there is usually at least some variation. We enjoy congregational singing, special songs, and testimonies. We always include something from the Bible and often hear encouraging remarks or a sermon. Services  typically end with a last opportunity for special prayer.

Our services have a soft start, and the times listed above are about when people typically arrive. We begin each service with a time of prayer, and people join in as they can. This is on purpose, because we want church to be focused on God, rather than a rigid order of service. We also want to be accommodating to everyone’s circumstances. If you are a few minutes late, we’ll just be glad you came.

Whatever you feel comfortable wearing to church. Most people dress casually on Thursday and a little nicer on Sunday. We hold modesty in high regard, so that is also reflected in how people dress. Still, we gather to seek God, encourage one another, and grow spiritually … not focus on what clothes people are wearing.

Apostolic Church
of Des Arc

Sunday 11am - Thursday 7pm
712 Calhoun Street
Des Arc, Arkansas 72040

Joseph Fritts


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