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Keep Yourselves From Idols

Jesus said that the greatest command in the Hebrew Bible is Deuteronomy 6:4-5. This begins with the declaration that “The Lord our God is one Lord.” Since there is only one God, it follows that nothing else should be served as a god. Yet, this is what people have always done. In ancient times, people worshipped things in nature. We’re more sophisticated today, but modern people also make idols. Living for God starts with deciding to love him over everything else.
Sermons in the Series

Counting the Cost

Introduction to the “Keep Yourselves From Idols” series. Jesus gave us two parables that describe planning for what we might face in the future. Counting the cost means considering it all and choosing to serve Him above everything else in life. Jesus says that unless we do this, we cannot be his disciples.

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Glorifying Him as God

According to Paul, the foundational problem under all sin is idolatry, and the root of this is not glorifying God as God. It makes sense, then, that the first and greatest of God’s commands to Israel is to love Him with all heart, soul, and might. Glorifying Him as God applies to every part of life.

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Following the Shepherd

Loving God with all heart, soul, and strength means obeying him, and that comes down to trust. We should trust God and not be deceived into following idols in our heart. His promises are sure, and those who make the Lord their shepherd shall not lack the things they need.

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